Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back in the Game

Running is not a game, but I am back to the movement after a 6 week hiatus (2 hours of walking and .5-1 hour of core/aerobic circuit strength training exercises in its void).

Yeehaw. I am stoked to be running again. It is a different experience than when I last left it, and that is a good thing. I feel like I have gained respect and appreciation on an even more acute level since I have been away.

Slowly, but surely, I am getting back on the running wagon. I put in close to 75 miles last week. Admittedly, this was probably too much in mind, but in reality it proved just fine. My body feels pretty solid. Of course, 65-70 of those miles were pretty pokey, 8 minute pace or slower, but that point is, I loved every minute of it.

This is the battle I am forever engaged in, moderating the love for a passion. The runner's dilemma. Too much will render one hurt, injured and unable to run, thus eliminating the chances of running fluidly, safely and, of course, enjoyably at high mileage (or, I should say, enjoying running high mileage) and too little, well, that is nothing to speak to as it is impossible for me to fathom running too little on account of not wanting to (not injury).

So here is what has transpired since I began running last week.

Sunday: 7-10 miles walking/running
Monday: 8 miles (bank run)
Tuesday: 8-10 miles (library/grocery run)
Wednesday: 12-14 miles (w/a nice steady climb to the summit cone of Mt. Sentinel)
Thursday: 10-11 miles (neighborhood exploration and double traverse of Mt. Jumbo)
Friday: 6-7 miles of interval work, lunges, strides (followed by a great stretch sesh)
Saturday: 9-10 miles around Lake Como and campground (amazing, amazing, and amazing)

My legs feel 80% overall at this point of fitness. Not bad. This week, I am taking it easy - basically keeping it at 5-7 miles a day of running/walking commutes. Saving myself for this weekend. I will probably squeeze in a day of rest too, while I am at. C'est la vie.
Missoula is a great running town for many reasons (justification to be enumerated in posts forthcoming). Off to work. Peace.