Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Tempo

19 miles yesterday. Took this morning off and went for a 12 mile tempo run in the PM. Felt great. The middle miles were @ 7:00 pace or better. I was happy with that pace considering the wind, sloppy, snowy road/trail, and uphill. Good stuff. One run today. Easy running tomorrow. Peace.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Last Week's Mileage

Specifics... 80 mile cut-back last week. Here is how:

SU: 13, steady in under 1:30
M: 3, jog
T: 2, jog
W: 15 (11+4, ez)
TH: 14 (9+5, ez)
F: 14, steady for 13, 1 mile cool
SA: 19 (12+7, ez)

M and T was like learning to run all over again. The 2 miles (1+1) on Tuesday, seemed much more difficult than my 13 miler on Sunday. So it goes with training... ups and downs. Experience with training seems to lend itself to minimizing the depth of the valleys. Ultimately, volition is always needed to move forward no matter the depth of the valley. I am finding my stride again. Check that. I am retooling the stride that was working pretty well for me. I am working on lengthening my stride and minimizing unnecessary vertical movement to maximize forward speed and minimize the impact on my knees. Proving fruitful so far. Peace.


8-16 inches of snow predicted here today. With this snow came a fair amount of wind. Had a fun and easy 12 miler this morning in the snow. It was super fun and clean. Yeehaw. 

It seems that everywhere I choose to live is subject to eradicate spring weather. I love it. Unpredictable stuff, that is. Yesterday I put in 19 miles in shorts and a tee. Today, snow running in tights. A couple of years ago in C. Springs, Greg Chase and I rode 2 feet of fresh, backcountry powder in the morning and then, back in the city in the PM, I was running shirtless through Garden of the Gods. Glorious Colorado. That was more a function of elevation exchange than an actually change in weather, but still, the variability was nice.

80 miles last week. The end of the week really picked up. Nice cut-back week. My legs are feeling great. Fresh. Even with the cutback week last week, March should be another 500+ mile month. 

Back to yesterday. In the morning I went for a nice and easy 12 miler around downtown w/7 laps around Gibson Park loop (1.33 miles). G. Park is great because there is a really nicely cut grass shoulder, aside the paved trail, to run on. Really comfortable running down there. Went out for a 10 miler, but I was enjoying it so much I put in more laps than expected. Lost myself in the run. I put in a nice 7 miler in the PM North, then West through downtown. 

New York Times reported last week that coffee is the miracle beverage of athletes. I couldn't agree more. 

Random thoughts today, I know, thanks for sticking with me.

Longest run last week? 14 miles. First week in months that I haven't put in a long run. I had to stop myself at 14 because I promised my legs no long runs for the week. My definition of long run begins at 15 miles. I often stop short at 14 to stay true to the promises I make with my legs. Anyone else ever make promises to your body? We all have our quirks. 

I am thinking about writing a novel. What about? For what purpose? I do not know. Perhaps, I will write about the strange day-to-day happenings of a small, rural, dried-up mining community on the prairie. No shortage of material there. 

I got a lot done yesterday. Did my laundry, talked to my brother, made a daring trip to Walmart to renew a prescription, cleaned my apartment, banked, grocery shopped and some other things.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Locked Up

Springtime is slowly making its presence known in MT. Warmer weather and snow-free streets have gotten me excited to commute on my bike again. The other day I got all ready to go, went down to my bike that has been chained up to my apartment building all winter, and stared stupidly at the combo lock. The combination? Flippin a, I can't remember. I tried several possibilities, before remembering that I had a car and hopped in her and took her out on the errands instead. I never wrote down or saved the combination anywhere. "I won't forget", I remember telling myself after purchasing the lock. Fortunately, the combo is only 3 digits, so it will only take, what, up to 999 guesses to get it. Every time I go outside now I try a new set of possible combos. One of these days it will happy. What a joyous day that will be. I will bike again.

Sweet Friday Afoot

Ran a really clean, fluid, fun and pain-free moderately-paced 14 miler yesterday out in the country. It was great. The first 6 miles were slightly uphill against a pretty strong headwind, so I bided my time and sat back on an easy/moderate pace, anticipating the slightly downhill return with a strong tailwind. I begin pushing the pace a bit at about 5 miles as I entered into a narrowed, sheltered valley - free of wind -, I felt so good cruising up that last bit of increasing incline. After the turnaround at 6 miles, I put her on auto-pilot at a really comfortable moderate pace (7:00 pace or so). Rode the wind effortlessly for the 6 miles back. My stride is lengthening again as my legs are coming around, loosening up. I focused on keeping my movement as forward as possible, minimizing any unnecessary vertical motions afoot. I was feeling so good coming back into the school area that I extended the workout portion of my run another mile, pushing it a bit harder for that final mile. Cooled down for a mile. 

I love losing myself in activity, forgetting about time, mileage, worries, fears, whatever, just doing something in the moment and loving it. That is what yesterdays run was for me. My legs are coming around again and I am so thankful. I would say that I am at about 80% of full strength. Today, I am going to go jog around for a couple of hours really slowly. Just go out and enjoy the day. 

Had a great week at work, losing myself in that too, at times. I am putting together a presentation to deliver at a VISTA conference mid-April. Random inclusion, but it just popped into my mind. 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mid-week Update

Feeling better. A lot better.

SU: 13 (steady in 1:30)
M: 3
T: 2
W: 15 (9+6, ez)
TH: 14 (9+5, ez)

Snow again here. Temp in the teens. It was Spring last week, winter this week.

The morning run was delightful. I ran the same route as yesterday and felt significantly better and stronger (and yesterday I felt pretty good). I rediscovered my clean, low-profile, smooth and minimal impact pace. It felt great. I picked it up on the last mile or so just to see how my right knee would respond. No problems. Good stuff.

The afternoon run was a true delight. Yesterday, I called up one of the afterschooler's parents to see if it would be alright for him to stay a couple of hours after our early out today to hang out with me - go for a run, talk about life and sort out the problems of the day at school. The longest run he had ever been on was 4 miles, so I thought "hey, lets go 5". He is very fit for his age and thought him completely capable of 5, so we did. It was a beautiful afternoon, the snow melting under the afternoon sunshine. We maintained a great conversation for the entirety of the run and finished with some propel waters and granola bars. He is a great kid; very sharp, lots of energy, driven, and a leader. He just needs some direction at this critical point (6th grade) in his social development. Many more of these runs to come.

So I think I figured out the deal with my right knee. Thankfully, I took control before it hit critical mass. Last week, I ran the entire 135 miles with a knee brace on my right, already underpowered knee - an injury remedy I had used only sparringly previously. During that hard week of running last week, my right knee decided to take the week off and let the brace do the work... the result? A visible decrease in muscle mass and, consequently, strength. Ha, its true. Saturday evening, after another 20 mile day, I looked down at my legs, fully extended, sans knee brace, and saw two different legs - one strong and brawny, the other weak and atrophied. Needless to say, I quit using the knee brace immediately. Instead? This week has been one of a lot of pain, isolated squats, easy runs and strides to rework my alignment and tracking with my right knee. Things are coming around. 15 miles yesterday and 14 today and I feeling stronger by the run. I am going to be doing a lot more (that is some, as I did none before) strengthening exercises to make sure that this doesn't happen again. It was a good wake up call on many levels. Here is what I learned from this incident:

1) Braces should be used sparringly
2) Running isn't everything
3) I am capable of being a big wuss
4) I am capable of overcoming my big wussiness through strength and confidence and prayer
5) That it is possible
6) That I love running
7) That 10 min. pace is sometimes the best you can do
8) That my job is wonderful


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


A better day today. My knee is feeling a ton better today. Took a really easy 9 miler this morning - enjoyed it and didn't push it. 2 miles yesterday.

Busy day at work yesterday. Had a site visit from my VISTA supervisor. Went really well. Taught my faculty photography class. Went great. Presented a small energy audit/comparison to the school board in the evening. A good day. Got some grant work done yesterday too. Running club this afternoon. Our first race is coming up quick, next month already. Wow. Time flies when you aren't paying attention to it. Tonight I may enjoy a little jog before I go home and continue reading Elie Wiesel's new book. It is difficult to put down. A Mad Desire to Dance is the name if you are interested. It is an intense, deeply psychological, historical novel, centered on the atrocities of the Holocaust. It is MADDENING. It really is good. Check it out.

Deep breath. Game on.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Time to give thanks at this potentially slow time in my life. Papa New Guin, my number 1 commenter, made me realize this. Since winter is officially over it is time to do a Winter 08/09 Running Highlights write-up. The good (and some funny) things...

Highest mileage week: 159
Most consecutive long run days (15+): 7 (with 7-8 mile PM runs)
Coldest long run: -22 air temp, -35 windchill
Fastest 10 miler: 57:30 (middle 7 miles @ 5:18-24)
Slowest 10 miler: 1:50 (dang straight. all running, no walking)
Days off: 2 (the first was because I was on a train all day, the second because I hurt)
Treadmill 10k: 35 flat a couple of hours after a 13 mile tempo run.
Mild frost-bite incidences: 2

I am thankful for the above experiences. I am thankful that joy is possible. There was a moment that I had, a couple of years ago, that I will never forget. I was descending Waldo Canyon trail at a really solid trail pace, the creek to my left, and the trail passage narrowing. I remember feeling so fluid, so natural, so real and a part of that natural setting that for a moment I was plucked out of my body and taken to the heavens, where running is effortless and the most edifying activity available. Anyways, after that run, I remember thinking to myself that if that were the last run I were ever able to do, I would be so thankful that I had had the transcendent experience and work at applying the glory to other endeavors.

It is time to take that lesson to heart again as I let my body rest. There is no need to fear, worry or be anxious. Thanks must be given for what has been and what is - that is, good. Rather than being disparaged by this change, I am encouraged to engage with those things in my life that I have so blazenly neglected during my times of intense focus on training. Of course, it is always easier said than done. But it starts first with the thinking and the saying. Then, made manifest through action, thoughts, ideas and words become the reality of the day. Inception/perception meet reality. Change occurs.

Not an actual site, yet, but may be coming soon. So here I am, sitting, and may be for awhile. It is time for a break. A week, two weeks, a month? Who knows. Yesterday I jogged three horrible miles. Today? I will probably stay seated. Maybe a walk. Against my better judgment I ran hard through the winter season. Now I am paying the price; My body hurts, my legs are weakening and my training has plateaued. The break I should have taken by choice while I was relatively pain-free, will now be taken out of necessity. My Spring/Summer racing plans will be more about finishing than being competitive. It would be easy to toss the plans away, but I need some goals to keep me going, if only at a slow trot.

I may not be blogging for awhile, as there isn't much interesting to say about sitting escapades. Keep moving. Peace.

Note: This doesn't mean that I will not be fundraising any longer. Please, please, please consider supporting an organization that is changing lives through active rehabiliation. Thanks.

Monday, March 23, 2009


In an effort to support a great program that has been on my heart for a couple of years now, I will be fundraising this racing season for The AIR Foundation out of Denver. It is a homeless ministry aimed at giving those without hope, hope through running. If you are interested in supporting The AIR Foundation through my running efforts this Spring and Summer send a check for any amount made out to "The AIR Foundation, Inc." to:
Brian Christianson
117 32nd St. North, Apt. 14
Great Falls, MT 59472
I will be amassing the donations of which 100% of all given money will be sent to The AIR Foundation at the end of this racing season. For more info visit and check out the program description below. Thanks for your support and compassion for a proven ministry that is changing lives daily.

AIR Endurance Running Program
Running for Purpose. Running for Hope.

The AIR Foundation (Activity Inspired Rehabilitation) addresses homelessness and addiction in the community through endurance running programs that support and inspire incremental athletic accomplishment and a positive connection with the community.

For many of AIR's participants, the running program represents new hope and, at times, the last hope. For many, drug addiction, alcoholism, and homelessness is the only life they've known. Many have been crippled by their addiction and have spent countless nights on the street. Most have lived life through a series of incomplete experiences; they didn't graduate high school or have a series of incomplete relationships including estranged parents, marriages, and children.
AIR works with the homeless and drug/alcohol afflicted population in our community by partnering with organizations who service adults and youth who are or have been homeless and/or have been afflicted with substance abuse. Through AIR, participants begin to set and achieve short, mid, and long-term goals. They begin to engage in a process of self-empowerment that requires self-accountability and responsibility. As they move through the program and realize achievements, they naturally begin to apply the skills of goal-setting and accomplishment to their relational, educational, and professional lives.

Please be part of this amazing community effort to change lives. The men, women, and children who participate in these programs are counting on your support to help keep these programs alive!

Sunday Workout

Ran a great easy/moderate paced 13 miler yesterday afternoon. Took it at 7-7:30 pace. Felt really strong and smooth in stride. Big, long, powerful strides. Easy, low-mileage day today.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Training Philosophy Shift

More and more training has become more about running and living in the moment than heading towards a specific training goal. That is a part of it, no doubt, but I have become significantly less structured and intense in my training approach and that is a good thing. Last training cycle I peaked at about 29 miles a day. This time around it is likely that 19-20 miles a day will be as high as I go. After this cutback week I will have 3 weeks in April to train hard before tapering for my first race. Hard to believe. I am excited though. I feel much more consistent and steady than I did last Fall. I feel like I am more gutsy now too, ready to just push it hard. Yeahhhh. Stoked. Alright, I am going to run for the rest of the afternoon. Have a great day. Peace.

Last Week's Mileage

135 miles last week. Biggest week since November.

SU: 20 (12*+8ez) *steady w/a kick
M: 15 (11+4, ez)
T: 18 (12+6, ez)
W: 20 (13*+7ez) *tempo @ 6:45-6 minute pace
TH: 18 (10+8, ez)
F: 23 (16*+7ez) *steady w/a fair amount of elevation
S: 21 (12+9, ez)

Great running week. Next week? A cutback week. Put in 4 really strong weeks and want to take a preemptive strike on warding off the demon of injury. Going to try to keep it easy, and between 100-110 miles. 

Kind of blue today. A bit lonely, but hanging in there and staying steady - doing nothing rash. Peace.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


23 miles yesterday (A steady and very hilly 16 miler in the AM and an easy 7 in the PM).
Easy 12 miler this morning. Had a nice time out on the road, taking it easy after a hard day.

Lately, I have been running with a knee-brace on my right knee. What a difference that has made. Wow. My right leg is tracking a lot better and overall my alignment has significantly improved. My right leg, since I remember caring (early high school), has been a physiological idiosyncrasy of mine. My right foot is slightly splayed to the right, while my right knee tracks slightly to the left. My left leg is perfect. Always has been. The problem has been that at high mileage I am averaging about 33,500 strides a day, so that any alignment issue is exacerbated by the high use. After 3-4 weeks of running a lot of miles, I have to back off to let my legs reset themselves, so to speak, and then start all over again. The knee brace seems to help me track much more consistently and I am not having the sort of issues after big running days that I have had in the past. It may become a more permanent fixture of my running life. 

Anyways, it is a nice and easy Saturday today. Currently, I am sitting at Schultes Coffeehouse enjoying a b-fast sandwich and some coffee. Not much happening today. Totally okay with that. Peace. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ittttttttttttts Friday!

18 easy miles yesterday. My afternoon lunch-break 8 miler was great. I haven't felt so good on a nice steady easy cruise in quite awhile. Enjoyed the wholllllle thing.

Every run (and I mean every) there is at least a moment where I find joy, contentment and peace. A moment so huge, that it crushes any worries, fears or anxieties that I had before and will have after that moment. Sometimes there are several small moments. Sometimes there is one sustained moment. Rarely do I enjoy (find peace) on the entire run, like yesterday. Awesome. Thanks be to the Lord.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday, Recovery Update

SU: 20
M: 15
T: 18
W: 20
TH: 10 AM + to be determined...

Great running week so far. Yesterday was one of the harder days that I have put in a long time. This morning I took a 10 mile jog before work and will go out on a 6-8 mile easy run this afternoon. Great recovery jog this morning. The ol' legs are coming around. Back to work. Peace.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Work Out

Wow. Just ran one of the quickest, cleanest and best feeling 13 tempo runs that I have in awhile. Put the first 6 miles in at 6:30-45 minute pace, then the next 6.5 at 6:15 or faster. 1 or 2 under 6. Then a .5 mile cool-down and a good stretch. It felt great to run fast and fluid. I felt like I had plenty of juice left at the end too, but am glad I didn't overdo it. I am just starting to feel good again. Back to work. Peace.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Last Week's Mileage + Tues. Update

120 miles last week. 40 mile weekend. I have been running great this week. I feel slightly stronger this week and significantly more solid on account of a few less miles last week. So far this week...

SU: 20 (12+8)
M: 15 (10+5)
T: 12 AM + to be determined PM...

I want to congratulate one of my three readers, Papa New Guin, my father Deane on his first 5k completion. On a treadmill. Good work dad. I hope that you find peace and meaning in your training for the Tiger 5k.

I was thinking over Papa New Guin's success on my morning run and refined the larger thought of success to the importance of PR's... personal records. They are personal. They are ours. None of us will ever be able to run a 2:03 marathon, beating Haile G., nor will any of us ever be able to run a 27:30 10k. But, we are all capable of improving on our own records. Us vs. ourselves. Pushing ourselves mind, body and soul to a place of new understanding. It is all about looking inward, not outward, when it comes to physical challenges. If you work on running YOUR best, you may find that YOUR best is enough to beat everyone else's best at that race. That is excellence. PR's...


Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am feeling really peaceful currently. Contented, satisfied and for no reason other than God's spirit of peace as descended on me and granted this moment. Wonderful. Presently, I am doing laundry. What a wonderful laundry facility here on 15th St. Free soap, free wi-fi and reasonably priced washers/driers. What more can one ask for in a laundromat? 

Not a whole lot new to report since yesterday. I wussed out on my scheduled 17-21 miler yesterday. It was so darn windy out in the country and I was dog-tired from a couple of nights of little sleep. Instead of going for that long run I went home and took a nap, then went for a 15 miler in town. Took it at a really nice and steady pace. Felt great. Feeling it this morning though. I put in 10 miles at about 9 minute pace. I am loving these really slow runs. They are really relaxing. Had a great coffee time with Don this morning. Talked about life, VISTA work, and future plans. Always a treat to converse with Don. 

I am continually amazed by how unpredictable high mileage running weeks can be. I will go for 3-4 weeks at 130+ miles, feeling like a million bucks, getting in all of my key work outs and recovering quickly afterwards. No problems. Then, a week like this one comes up, where some runs, this morning for instance, I don't feel much more fit than a recreational jogger. Of course, one must be patient during slog running days and know that they are necessary for the legs to fully recover to be able to hit those long and hard runs again. The point is....

Sometimes, even with those things that we are most passionate about, there are serious valleys and troughs in which we question how much we really love our gifts and talents, and the difference between those who truly engage life and those who merely pass through life is how they respond in those dark periods. Those who are achievers push through, knowing that better times are ahead and that "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", and those who sit idly, content with the status quo, throw in the towel and pass on to the next "apparently easy" task. This has been one of those weeks for me. But I am pushing through, being smart and staying strong. 

Life is good. God is good. Be peaceful and keep moving. 

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Friday

Yip. It is. Great running week. So far, and to be done today...

SU: 20 (13+7)
M: 11
T: 18 (11+7)
W: 21 (17+4)
TH: 15 (11+4)
F: 17-21 miler (to be done)

Cut back week. Will end up being a 120 mile week or so. Peace.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mid-week Long'n

This is shaping up to be a pretty good running week. 18 easy miles yesterday (9+9).

A sweet 17 miler in the hills this morning. It was cold, well below zero (but no wind, thanks be to God!). Wednesdays, my mid-week long run day, I have started coming to work earlier to make more space for a long run mid-morning. This has been working out really well. I get to run some awesome terrain - both training-wise and aestetically - and I get to sleep in! Best of all, my boss encourages it. Game on. So I went out for a steady paced (moderate to hard effort) 17 miler this morning... same route as last Wed. Most of my miles were around 7 minute pace with a few a bit faster and a couple slower. Felt like a monster on the hills, that is to say, the hills with a significant grade (the first 8 miles are slightly inclined, but hardly noticable). I would have put in a few more miles had I the time. Before I go home, thanks to DST, I will put in a nice and easy 4-5 miler to loosen up.

Running club today! I have 15 kids now 3-6th grade that are enjoying running, now twice a week. Our first race is at the end of April.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cool Running

This morning's run was nice and cool. -8 air temp and something close to -20 windchill, not too bad honestly. Dress appropriately and enjoy it I say. Put in 9 super easy jogging miles before heading inside for some hot coffee and a hot cake. According to the forecast we should be back on climatic track by the weekend.

My running schedule is beginning to shift to evening runs, after work, what with DST and all, why not? DST gives me an opportunity to spend more time on my legs out here (on gravel) after work. Awaiting longer days...

More sunlight? Nay, less darkness. Of course, less darkness means more light, which means more sunlight, but it is the less darkness that I am eagerly awaiting (and honestly am already enjoying). Morning won't change for awhile - that's ok. No need to. Great Falls is very well lit and quite truthfully there is a place in my heart for dark, cold and quiet runs - very peaceful.

A little blue, but hanging in there. Peace.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Milestone Week

A year ago, this week, I began my "100 mile week" log. Prior to that running journal, I kept a small, fairly sparse account of my weekly mileage. 50-70 miles a week was my normal range before 2008 (2005-2008). A year ago, this week (technically last week, actually), I began averaging 101 miles a week. After the last 7 months of 120+ weeks, my yearly average, if taken from today, has been closer to 110-120 miles a week for 52 weeks.

I am feeling good. I am hopeful that I have many more years of consistent training. As I mature and grow I find myself feeling better more often. Taking easy days when I need, 1 a days when I ought to and listening more closely to my body. Longevity @ high mileage, I have come to learn, comes from being patient, methodical and peaceful. At least this is my approach. That is all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Last Week's Mileage

Well, things don't always go as planned and an unsettled feeling about heading down to West Yellowstone due to the weather on both sides of the weekend kept me in Great Falls. Bummer deal, the good thing is... I will be able to make a longer weekend out of my visit to see Dan at the end of the month or in April. Of course, Saturday was beautiful here, a bit of taunt in my mind's eye. Flipp'n a. So it goes. Anyways, pretty great running week. 131 miles again. Felt great. A relatively ache and pain free week. Beautiful stuff. Some highlights:

- Back-to-back long runs last weekend, 18 and 20
- Sweet, moderately paced 17 miler on Wednesday, following a pretty hard 17 mile Tuesday
- Clean half-marathon on Friday

That is all. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Update

Alright, so Tuesday I ran a really sweet tempo in the morn and easy 8 in the PM. Wednesday, I wasn't sure how I was going to go about my mid-week long run... in town in the AM, in the country in the PM? Didn't know. What I chose? In the country during the AM. Awesome. I went on a really clean, fluid, solid, fun, well-fueled 17 miler in the morning. Felt great. 7:30 pace for most of it, with a couple of quicker miles toward the end. Lots of hills, mostly gravel.

I put in 4 more super easy miles to loosen up before heading home.

This morning my easy 11 miler felt nice. Loosened up a bit more and no aches and pains. Lately, I have been feeling really good. Realllllllly good. I put in 3 strong long runs in 5 days without any knee problems at all. I attribute my current shape to stretching really well, eating more and better, taking easy runs honestly and hard runs intensely, praying more, not worrying or being hyper-aware of every little ache, twinge and issue (sometimes I forget that an ache and pain here or there is a part of running 130 plus miles a week).

Anyways, good stuff. This running week has shaped up nicely. Have a glorious day readers. Peace.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Tempo

Awesome. First time in awhile that I have been able to go out hard and finish hard. 9 mile tempo this morning. The middle 8 (1/2 to warm-up, 1/2 to cool-down) were at 6:10 or faster pace. The last couple of miles were closer to 5:45 or so. It was great. I felt like I had a bit quicker pace in me, but didn't want to push my luck with my recovering knees and just coming off a high mileage weekend. Ah, it was a very clean, fluid and honestly fast run. I found my stride and didn't feel like I was pushing beyond my means. It felt good to fly, block-by-block, without restraint. Feeling solid post-run too.

I recovered quickly from a fairly intense, high-mileage weekend. 22 on Friday, 18 on Saturday, 26 on Sunday, then 18 yesterday - woke up feeling spry and ready to hit the planned tempo hard this morning. I took the 18 yesterday nice and easy. My shape is great currently. I will continue to be hyper-tuned to my body, making the necessary provisions to my training regimen when needed. I have been stretching with conviction lately too. That has been invaluable in keep loose and ready to roll, day in and day out. God bless all of you actually read this. Peace.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend Recap

Training this weekend? In a word, awesome. Got in back-to-back long runs at clean, steady and strong paces. Here is what went down.


- Very clean and steady 18 miler


- 6+ in the AM (I had to bail on the 20 miler I had planned due to some gastro-intestinal issues)
- 20 in the PM (2 hours later, after my stomach agreed to do so, I went out on the originally intended 20 miler). A beautiful day, wow, what a beautiful day. I ran well, very fluidly. Took two bug juices along - one in each hand - and a gel. Good fueling.

Always a testament to a well-run weekend is the morning after. Sometimes Monday mornings I feel as thought I had been struck by a bus the day previous. This morning I ran a really nice and easy 10 miler with nothing but a little residual soreness. Good stuff. I feel great for having put in 131 solid miles last week. Thanks be to the Lord for giving me peace with this moment - about running, work, the future, friends, family, LIFE -, this day, this life. Seriously. Glorious.