Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Entertaining Angels

"A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us." Emerson

This post has been a five year work-in-progress. These events have shaped my life in ways that I will never know. A recent meeting piqued my interest and inspired this post.

I have been blessed to have met four angels over the course of the last fiveyears. By angels, I mean kindred, quiet, transcendent spirits that put my heart, soul, mind at ease while in their presence. The moment is all that matters in the presence of an angel; and the moments are eternal. Hindsight and reflection on my meetings with these angels only dims the glory of their luminous realities - experienced in the moment, in the present. Words can not and will not, not ever, do these meetings with eart-angels proper justice. So I am stuck trying my best to describe to you what has likely been a shared experience by all; an experience full of love, truth and hope. It is a plutonic love. Nay, it is beyond any love that can be described. It is transcendent. Assuredly, from above. No human love could match it. The love that ties us to the angels in our lives can never be lustful or suffocating; the love is a supernatural virtue of which sexuality taints the very object of beauty. It is true love. It is God's face on God's child. That is what it means to look upon the face of an angel. To see virtue as virtue, and love as natural ore.

I feel the need to share the names of those angels that have graced me with their presence to better illustrate what I am talking about when I talk about angels. Ordered in chronological order of meeting (not importance, for all meetings are of equal importance) over the last five years.

- Mandy Moore - Though this may seem funny, ridiculous, whatever, Mandy Moore was my first experience with this sort of love and feeling of the presence of something so wonderful and beautiful that no amount of human longing could match the love made manifest in her beauty. Watching Mandy Moore in a 'Walk to Remember' caused a heart palpitation of which I had never experienced before, making me aware of a different sort of terrestial spirit.

- Merne Judson III - Merne showed me, simply by being, what peace, selflessness and love are. What love is. It is palpable in his presence. Everything was illuminated in a heavenly light when we engaged in conversation and divine wisdom flowed freely between us in a beautiful exchange of spirit. Merne gave a face to my newly evolving concept of what an angel is. His spirit is still present in my life, though he is now over a 1000 miles away.

- Gwen - Gwen gave a face, voice and of course, spirit to what an angel is. With the voice of an angel and the beauty of aphrodite, Gwen put and too, continues to put, a hope, faith and love into perspective under the terribly insufficient asupices of earthly beauty. Transcendence is the key here. A heart turned outward, serving others selflessly, without restraint. Gwen taught me what beauty sounds like and unconditional love for all feels like.

- Laura - Laura has come into my life most recently, within the last year. She is perhaps the quietest, most peaceful spirit that I have ever met. With a heart for service and conscience so keen as to detect even the slightest injustice in thought and spirit, she radiates love. Her life gave me a picture of what a life lived in harmony with God and God's creation looks like. Frickin a, it is a beautiful thing; just to know that such a kindred spirit exists gives me strength, power and hope - perhaps a selfish ambition, the love is pure and inspires me to serve the world joyfully.

All four of these people, perhaps with the exception of Mandy Moore who merely gave me the base image of an angel, have taught me lessons so invaluable and transcendent, that if my spirit were to be boiled down to its base elements, inevitably the residue of Merne, Gwen and Laura would remain after my spirit had evaporated. Kindreds spirits only come, they do not go. Spirits are eternal and we know when we meet them. It isn't the feeling of a higher degree of joy that so enraptures us, but a completely different kind of joy that captures us when blessed with their presence. I hope you too have experienced angels on earth; seen the face of God in a friend or loved one. These things are beautiful and God blesses us so, so that by reflecting even half of the light of our angels into the lives of those that we interact with, we bless the world.

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