Saturday, June 6, 2009

On the Up and UP

Currently, I am sitting at Schultes Coffee House, looking out the large front window, snow falling gently on this June day. Crazy.

Well, the last couple of days have marked a turning point in my running break and recovery. My legs are beginning to come around. My arms are beginning to gain strength too. It helps to know the cause of problems when trying to fix something. Firstly, my right knee condition I have now come to know as retropatellar displacement. Basically, it is an advanced form of runner's knee. My right knee has always done this. It doesn't track nearly as cleanly as my left knee and consequently, over time and over-use, slowly shifts its load bearing to the outside of the knee. Over time my outer quadricep continues to strengthen and pull the knee even further to the outside, my inner quad then, on account of its now relinquished duties, weakens and, in my case, becomes atrophic and actually dies. It makes perfect sense. Looking straight down my body at my quads in a standing position, my right quad is noticeably narrower and piled up on the outer side of my leg, whereas my left leg appears well-balanced, inner and outer quad muscles. This much I already knew. After some research I found some great exercises to begin strengthening the inner thigh, abductors, adductors, hips and consequently, my knees. After one round of these exercises with bands, I felt like a new person - both physically and emotionally. I felt hopeful, that I had found a remedy to something that has been bothering me for some time now. I will continue doing these exercises 5-7 times a week through June before I start jogging again in July. When I return to the pavement and trail I went to be absolutely healthy and ready to run smart and clean. Game on! 

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