Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thurs: the day before fri and the one after wed

Sat: 15 (mostly barefoot)
Sun: 18
Mon: 6 + 25 stationary bike + weight lifting
Tue: 5 barefoot + 11
Wed: 5 + 41.5 stationary bike + weight lifting
Thurs: 7 barefoot + TBD...

Still a bit unsettled with my training, even on a cut-back week. I haven't felt like I have been giving my work outs all that they deserve - which is actually exactly where I want to be, I suppose. In the past, I have hammered out work outs to exhaustion each and everyday and have paid dearly in injuries. For now, I am enjoying the laid-back nature of my training, the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Ultra training is a different beast, a much tamer beast, than marathon or shorter training. It requires a lot of patience, what with the slower /longer work outs and all. I am slowly but surely getting into the ultra training groove again and hope to be in a good place for the Pony Express 100 miler next month. Next weekend, I will head out for a couple of back-to-back long runs (finally time affords it). Have great days.

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