Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Running for good: Bryce Gaudian

Bryce Gaudian, age 51, resides on a 42-acre farm in south-central Minnesota (Hayward) with his wife, Cindy; they have four children. Raising organic beef and vegetables provides sustenance for short and long runs near the Iowa border through beautiful countryside. Bryce is a business-development manager at Agilis Company, which provides donation-processing services for nonprofit organizations. Bryce has been a running enthusiast for 35-plus years and has completed 10 marathons, with a personal best of 3:22:08. He has also run close to 50 other races, from 5K to half-marathons. He will be a member of the Twisted Blister team at the 2009 Hood-to-Coast Relay in Oregon in August (bio from Marathon and Beyond Magazine).

Bryce is an outstanding running and, most importantly, an incredible man. A part of nearly all of his running accolades is the idea of running for good. Bryce is an elite fundraiser for Operation Smile and a host of other great causes. Bryce brings meaning to his endurance endeavors through service to his fellow man. Running for good.

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