Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This week in training...

Yes, my funky, Saturday through Friday training week. It should noted that this is a cut-back, let the ol' body recover week. Here it is:

Sat: 15 miles (I don't remember how, but I remember that it was 15 - mostly barefoot)
Sun: 18 shoed miles (8 on honest to goodness terra firma, 10 on the treadmill)
Mon: 6 shoed miles + 25 mile cardio push on ye' ol' bicycle + weight lifting
Tue: 5 shoeless miles this morning + TBD shoed miles this afternoon

The rest of the week will see some mountain runs, some more stationary cycling - a new passion of mine -, certainly some more barefooting, etc.

This week in favorites:

Favorite album: I-Empire, Angels and Airwaves
Favorite cereal: Just Bunches (Both delicious and on sale)
Book of the week: Siddhartha
Beverage of the week: Italian Pinot Noir
Favorite work out: Long, slow treadmill run
Favorite shoes: Saucony Type A2
Favorite unshoes: Vibram Five Fingers Sprint

That is all. Back to work. Peace.

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