Monday, August 31, 2009

Giving ye' ol' legs a break

Easy ride this morning. 25 miles on the stationary bike in 1:05. Levels 13-15 are great cardio, longish-ride settings for me. 13 offers a nice balance of resistance and affirmation (affirmation that the level is easy enough to maintain for an hour plus, while keeping my heart on the lower limits of the cardio zone). This morning's ride was extremely enjoyable.

Level: 13
RPMs: 105-108
HR: 145-155
Calories: 872

I used to have a difficult time keeping myself on any piece of exercise equipment for more than 45 minutes. For whatever reason, over the last couple of years, I have become enthralled with the little stats the machines provide (likely because I rarely utilize fitness facilities - the great outdoors typically beckons). I can stare at the digital display of a stationary bike for hours without losing interest - the same goes for the treadmill... I love watching the seconds blip up, one-by-one. Yesterday, I forgot to stop running after achieving my hilly treadmill work out goal and ended up going 3 miles further (metaphorically, of course, one goes no where on the TM) than planned. Too, the heart rate monitors are always a treat on those machines. It is nice to lock into work outs that are a literal reflection of the heart and its capabilities. Too often my metaphorical heart rejects exercise and acts on the whim of a fleeting moment of discontent with the process. At least with a heart rate monitor, I know, that I am operating comfortably within my limits. Game on. Peace.

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