Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Snowing on a Tuesday: I am eating an apple and so might you be

The scene:

Currently, I am listening to Coldplay, eating an apple, watching the snow begin to fall from the comfort of my office. It is Tuesday.

Now, it is not just any Tuesday. This one, this particular day of the week, is unique. It is Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 2009: The First and The Last (caps because the moniker is likely to become normalized as a proper noun worthy of everyone's respect). Hear you me, this is the last. The last Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 2009 for some time. It is possible that man's system of time is cyclical, but it is highly unlikely that things will ever reset to a point previous to this date. Even if a new system of timekeeping was created and implemented, eliminating our present one, thousands of years in the making, it is highly improbable to expect Oct. 27th, 2009 to fall on a Tuesday, again. You see this? No? It is crazy talk; crazy talk to think that another Tues., Oct. 27th, 2009 will occur, either in this universe, a parallel one, or in a parallel one that decides to reset it's clock. The odds are greatly in favor of that NOT happening, a repeat of Tues., Oct. 27th, 2009.

So, don't fret, my friends. Enjoy today, Tuesday, Oct. 27th, 2009. Cherish every moment of this wonderful, rare sort of day/date combination. It is truly unique. Love it. Love it like it is the last sort of day/date combination of this type that you will ever have the chance to love and cherish. Then know - live on this hope - that tomorrow provides a comparatively unique scenario.

The snow has abated and I ought to get back to work. Coldplay continues to ring through my underpowered desktop computer speakers and my boredom has come full circle. Back to work.

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