Saturday, October 10, 2009

This week in training

Whelp, I did a lot of stationary cycling this week. Quite honestly, that is all I can do for my heart presently. Swimming is out of the question. I am a horrible swimmer. Now, let me be clear, I can swim and for quite awhile, but I am in no way an efficient or graceful swimmer. I am a thrasher, to be sure. I admit this could all be changed if I buckled down and focused on becoming a good swimmer. Without question, such a move would be a boon to my training - both broken foot and in full health -, but presently, I have absolutely no desire (in fact, my stomach churns at the very idea - the antipathy of desire, the abhorrence of my day) to fight the precocious throngs of fish at the university pool. The very thought of the time - the total percentage of my day dedicated to that which I am not keen on - required to change, swim, shower and change again is, well, insurmountable at this juncture in my training life.

In short, I don't own goggles.

This week in training (stationary biking miles):

SA: 14 miles, weight lifting/core
SU: 25 miles
M: 20 miles
TU: 22 miles, core
W: Off
TH: 27 miles (intervals), core
F: 19 miles

Total: 127 miles

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