Friday, December 18, 2009

This week in training...

It is Friday night, which means,that another week of training is in the books. What a great week. I hit all of my work outs, as planned, and am feeling strong and smooth. Yesterday, proved a bit of a bear. My morning run ruined me - I was a complete wreck after it, but pushed through my afternoon work out anyways and felt better for it. I am fairly certain that yesterday's run was a wash because I ran tense and somewhat irritated,annoyed and angry. This morning, I ran with joy and a smile on face and completed a nice and easy 12 miler without blinking. What a difference attitude makes. Mind over matter is no joke. Be positive. Think yourself strong and you will be strong. Think yourself smooth and you will move gracefully.

Here is what the week looked liked (in miles):

SA: 33/bike, 8.25/run
SU: 33/bike/core/lift
M: 30/bike, 8.25/run (tempo ride and tempo run)
TU: 30/bike/lift, 10/run
W: 34/bike
TH: 30/bike/lift,9.5/run
F: 31/bike, 13/run

Totals: 49/run (5 runs), 221/bike (7 rides)

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