Saturday, December 19, 2009

Duathlon work out

Today, to simulate a long run, I did a proper duathlon. This is nothing new as I have been averaging 10/miles/day on foot and 31/miles/day on the bike, but never had I done the two together, in one work out.

First off, I started with a nice and easy 10k (seriously slow and relaxed). For the run, I wound my way around time, ultimately ending up at the gym at the end of 10k. I hopped on the bike and threw down. My intention was to put in about 30k at an easy pace, but I was feeling so solid and strong I pushed it at a hard effort for 50k. After the 50k ride I hopped back on the road to complete the work out with a couple of easy running miles back to my house. All told, a great work out. It was like running 18-20, with the impact of 8-10 running miles.

Work out: 10k/run, 50k/tempo bike ride, 4k/run

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