Saturday, December 5, 2009

Week recap

A total turn around week. At the end of last week, I wasn't sure what to think of the sort of responses my legs were giving me - pain in my left leg, a phantom twinge in my left foot, a case of lingering soreness (post run) in my right knee. Not one of these problems proved severe - they have all been slight - but they have been no less discouraging. Instead of brashly slogging through the pains, or ceasing and desisting completely, I took action. Continuing with my planned training, I added some form work into my running sessions, SIRIE (stretching, ibuprofen, rest, ice and elevation) to the troubled spots, some spot massaging and a positive outlook on all of it. The change has been dramatic. I am feeling great. My legs are feeling strong. I am already noticing increased power and strength from the lifting that I have been doing every other day for several weeks now. Good stuff. I am feeling positive about where things are going. I have a plan! For once! It is nice to work within this newly defined framework. Here is what the last week of training looked like:

221/biking miles (key workout - 32 mile tempo)
30/running miles (key workout - 8 mile tempo)
4/lifting days, 7/core days

15.5 training/hours

Combined (biking/running) effort mileage: 118.4 miles

Feeling like a million bucks.

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