Friday, December 11, 2009

Week recap

I am feeling great. Sort of a similar report to last week. This a good thing. Consistency is what I am shooting for in this training cycle leading up to CCUM. My phantom foot pain is becoming evermore phantomful, which is to say is fading from my subconcious, which, consequently, has pretty well vanquished my worry bones of marrow. Good stuff. Foot feels great (and new shoes from Saucony, currently, wear-testing the Triumph 7s).

I had my first official "long-run" this week (10 miles). This, of course, is relative - last year, at this time, my short runs were 11-12 miles. Slow and steady she goes. But it is a scheduled time, each week, where I run my farthest. I will be adding 2-3 miles to this run each week.

I solidified my travel plans from El Paso to Urique and back this week. Now, all that is needed, is a plane ticket to get to El Paso and I am set. I am working on a letter of support, which I intend to send out sometime next week to my closest family and friends, making a plea on behalf of myself for support in travels and donations for the Tarahumara.

This week in training:

SA: 8/run, 30/bike, core
SU: 33/bike, core/lift
M: 7.5/run, 31/bike, core
T: 7.5/run, 31/bike, core/lift
W: 33/bike (tempo ride), core
TH: 10/run, 31/bike, core
F: 8/run, 30-31/bike, core

Totals: 41/run, 219-220/bike

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