Tuesday, December 1, 2009

November by the numbers

Another month training log down in the books. November has come and gone. What a difference in training approaches from November 2008 to November 2009. My shape is coming slowly, but surely, as I continue to say, as my legs get used to running again.

I am overcoming a bout of hamstring tendinitis in my left leg, as a result of an usual gait acquired while sporting 'the boot'. Stretching, specialized strength training, ibuprofen and ice should see me through the recovery without significantly altering my training regimen. All is well though. I am taking each day as it comes and training sensibly.

November 2009 by the numbers:

967/miles - bike (32.2/miles/day)
70/miles - run
29/days - core work
7/ days - strength training

A fair amount of biking miles in the last 30 days. The bike has been my saving grace during my return to running, post stress-fracture. By contrast, November 2008 saw 526/miles (18/miles/day) of running and 20 some days of core work, with no strength training or biking.

I am on the road to Copper Canyon and feeling fine. I am hopeful that my left leg will continue to strengthen and that overall, my body will continue to grow stronger day-by-day, as to put me in a good and healthy shape for the Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon.

(Just for kicks I did some calculations on the costs of each of those stationary miles: at 26 dollars a month gym membership and 967 miles/stationary riding for November, each mile came at a cost of $0.026. Pretty reasonable, really. Each minute on the bike (roughly 2417.5 minutes, or 40hrs 19.5mins for November) ends up $0.01075. A real bang for the buck. And, the cheapest thrills are often the most rewarding.)

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