Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back on track...

Alright, finally, I can say I am back into my work/nutrition/work out routine. This is a good thing. Many people scoff at the idea of become to regimented with their daily activities. What I have come to learn through the years is that it is important to maintain a fairly steady routine of meaningful activities that nourish the mind, body and soul. For me that has meant holding meaningful jobs, running, attending a spiritual home on a weekly basis and eating well. Each day, I am able to engage with those things that give me life - praise be to the Lord - and it is routine that helps us maintain a steady, accountable framework of which to live. It is important to be open to change and not to become so regimented as to become mindlessly absolved in your day. Engage with what you do. Do what you love and do it honestly. At times, these things get out of balance in my life (running, work, social life, spiritual life, etc.) and I know it. It is then, when it is important to take an honest look at your daily routine and make the appropriate adjustments. Don't get caught up in the little details of the day to day, be open and ready for whatever God is doing in your life, but do have a plan, a structure, a framework of which to operate, so that you are more free to engage with the details as they arise.

Currently, I feel like I am balancing. It feels great. I am at peace. It is great to be back on track with my routine. Tuesday, I had to take a day off of running - keeping it at 8 miles for the day - in order for my legs to rest a bit. Yesterday, I had a really nice 20 mile day. A steady 13 miler before work followed by a mid-day 7 miler. This morning I ran a really solid 9 mile tempo run with a nice kick at the end.

I did 'the triangle drill' yesterday at running club. The kids really enjoyed it. One of the lengths of the triangle they sprint, then power walk the next, then jog the third and continue doing laps around the triangle for about 10 minutes (per repeat). At each of the corners of the triangle the kids had to either do 5 jumping jacks, 5 butt kicks or 5 knee lifts. It was great. We had a good time and played some serious rainbow tag to warm-up and cool-down. When the snow melts we will kick it up to 2-3 a week, 30 minute work out sessions afterschool to begin gearing up for Spring races. Love it.

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