Saturday, January 17, 2009

This week in running...

Just finishing up what has turned out to be a stellar week of training. My work outs are starting to get more consistent again and meaningful. What do I mean by meaningful? Definitely, when I am running without a game plan I tend to run too hard and long, ultimately leading to chronic lethargy and pretty average runs. Last week I began scheduling my work outs again, so that each run has a purpose and limitations - max. pace, distance, etc. In this way, each work out has a definite end and a reason - to work on speed, distance, pace, etc. Last week was a slightly painful 125 mile week - lots of aches and pains from running too hard in the previous weeks. This week was much cleaner and flushed out the sore spots...

SU - 13 mile (moderate pace)
M - 10 mile tempo (solid effort with a kick in the last two miles) AM, 9 mile easy PM
TU - 9 mile hill tempo work out
W - 14 mile steady AM (moderate pace), 9 mile easy PM
TH - 9 mile easy AM, 8 mile easy PM
F - 10 mile easy AM, 11 mile (moderate effort with hard kick in last 5 miles) PM
SA - 20 easy AM (7:00-7:30 pace), PM To be determined...

This is a very manageable mileage load. I have been recovering really well. I am not sure that I will be increasing my mileage much above 130 this training cycle. I don't think that I need to. Instead, I will focus on increasing the intensity of my hard work outs. Also, I have been good on the hills lately, but I know I could be stronger and will need to be to do well at the The North Face Endurance Challenge. More hill work outs to come. 

Pretty good work week out here. Had a few moments this week, but I feel like I have recovered from them pretty well. Currently, I am doing laundry, kicking back and relaxing. A beautiful Saturday here (sorry Minnesotans). Peace and love!

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