Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Winter Running, the Future and Thoughts

Winter running highlights, firstly.

1) 57:30 - 10 mile treadmill run (several 5:18 miles)
2) Back to back to back to back to back to back to back wintry long runs (15 miles plus).
3) 35:00 - 10k treadmill run (a few hours after a 13 mile cruiser)

2009 Spring running... my racing schedule is starting to come together. I was able to get into The North Face Endurance 50 mile NW regional race in Bellingham, WA. That race is June 6th. There are a few MT marathons in March, April and May that I will use as tune-up, training runs. At the end of February the USATF MT Half-marathon state championship is scheduled. The race is around Seeley Lake. I am tentatively planning to be there (and to run fast - treating the race as a race, instead of a training run). If my schedule and financial situations allow, I will be there. Should be fun! I am feeling good about getting some things on the schedule. It is making it easier for me to focus my training and start tuning my body - with active training and more rest. Good stuff.

Yesterday, at LEAP, I played the part of the bingo caller, yet again. One of the great joys of life, for those of you who haven't yet exerpienced bingo calling, is bingo calling. Today is club day; running club for me. A few of the kids are putting in some good runs outside of club now. Tomorrow we will review our club goals, have an open discussion about working outside of your comfort zone (pushing yourself) and then head out of doors for some warm-up tag, the triangle running drill and an individual timed run. Good stuff.

Alright, it is off to do the work of the day. God bless. Peace and love.

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