Friday, January 30, 2009

This week in running...

Great week of cruising the roads of Montana this week... Here we go:

SU: 14 steady
M: 10+8 (easy)
T: 9 steady+8 easy
W: 5 easy+13 tempo (last 6 miles were lightning fast, an incredible run)
TH: 12 steady+8 easy
F: 10+10 (easy)
S: A long run of some sort, then something easy in the PM

As I continue fine-tuning my training regimen for this year of racing, I find myself continually reviewing what I did last year - what worked, what didn't. All told, I put more than 5000 miles on my legs in 2008. Likely, my daily average was 14-15 miles, with no days off for over 360 days. There were some blank periods in my training logs so it is difficult to give exacts. The last 6 months of 2008 were closer to 19 miles a day. My legs are feeling solid and well built for this season. A major change in my regimen has been taking easy runs much more seriously. By seriously, I mean treating them as easy runs. Too often I get carried away and end up running too hard on easy days. This morning I ran a 10 miler at an honest to goodness easy pace and the difference was palpable (not only was it supremely enjoyable, I feel well recovered already). I need the mileage, but also the easy paces so I can really 'let 'er eat' during my work outs - also reducing chances of injury.

Anyways, things are tuning up around here. Longevity in this sport is my goal. It is a fine line to walk - staying competitive and going the distance (in years) - but I am continually tuning myself to the patterns of my body and my abilities to strike a balance. Good day.

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Deane Christianson said...

You are a runner's runner Brian!!!! Keep those legs healthy and stealthy!!!!!!