Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quality Training

The last couple of weeks of training have proved very fruitful. I have learned more about myself - mind, body and soul - in 2009 than I had in many, many years prior. The learning has come from applying Truths, notions that I absolutely no to be true, to my life - actually living them out. It is safe to say that I have now experienced many of these truths and found them to be wholly edifying and well, true. Anyways, it is hard to explain, but at the base of it is my faith and hope in the Lord. There is reason and purpose in all things. It makes my work more meaningful, my runs more enjoyable and my life more substantial. No where is this all more apparent than in my training - because it is so easily measured. Running with purpose and regularity has been great in the last couple of weeks. Consistency has been key.

This morning I went for my mid-week, kind-of long run. 14.5, probably closer to 15 miles. Super clean and fast. It was a great work out. It took me 5-6 miles to get into it. Once I hit my cadence I was super fluid and quick. Good run. This afternoon I will do my usual afternoon cruise through the coulees, then it is running club time! Good stuff. This week we are doing an individual 20 minute run, bookended by tag. Yahooo!

Alright, I hope that everyone reading this is well, finding meaning and purpose in all that they are doing. God bless.

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