Friday, November 27, 2009

This week in training...

First off, feeling great. Just awesome. I am dialing in on a good training regimen. My running mileage is increasing slowly but surely. I had my first day off the bike in well over a month (the gym was closed for the holiday). It was a nice day of rest, with an easy 7 miler. Next week will mark the beginning of back-to-back running days and the introduction of a longer run 8-10 miles, which will then build by 2 miles a week subsequently. This week (in miles):

SA: 37/bike, core/lifting
SU: 32.5/bike, 6.5/run, core
M: 33.5/bike (progression), core
T: 32.5/bike, 7/run, core
W: 45/bike, core/lifting
TH: 7/run, core
F: 45.5/bike, core/lifting

Total: 226/bike, 20.5/run

I am so thankful for this life. My friends, family, my health, the ability and stamina to be able to train hard (and enjoy it), my job, second chances, Missoula, the future, and, now truly, The Creator's gift of life and peace through it all. God bless.

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