Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fallen Giants

Another book recommendation. Though I just started reading this Himalayan history book, I am already greatly impressed by the concise, yet thorough, retell of the history of Himalayan mountaineering. "Fallen Giants" is written by two historians/mountaineering enthusiasts and their passion for the Himalaya shows through their writing. So far, I have gotten as far as the British surveying parties from India, exploring the nether regions of the deep and mysterious Himalaya. It is getting exciting. Soon, nay, very shortly, Sir George Everest will be making that turn in Tengboche and documenting, for the first time, Chomolunga, "mother goddess of the earth", Everest.

Actually, this isn't a book recommendation. Truthfully, it is a reader beware. "Fallen Giants" is only for those people who are infatuated with the mystery enshrouded Himalaya, the surreal magnitude of their vertical rise, and the legendary heroic figures of Himalayan expeditions. My guess is that there are less than 10 people living who share the same love. And most likely, they are not reading this blog. So thanks for reading. Have a great day. Peace.

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Deane Christianson said...

Hey, I found this interesting, nonetheless! Thanks for sharing!