Sunday, May 3, 2009

Last Week's Mileage

80 miles in 8 runs. Hit my mileage ceiling for the week. It was a well planned, nearly perfectly executed taper, training week. A couple of goes, lots of easy runs and right on my planned mileage quota. Thanks be to God. 

SU: 13 (3+1+9, easy, one run, essentially)
M: Don't remember
T: Don't remember
W: 15 (8+7, easy) - two feet of snow
TH: 9 or 12, don't remember, easy
F: 11, easy
S: 11, easy

Crap, my memory is rough. My training log is squared away with the exact mileage. Anyways, church was great this morning. As usual, Reverend Jim delivered an excellent sermon... three existential questions were at the sermon's core; who are we? what are we here for? where are we going?

The answers? Good luck! Actually, the answers exist in the Christian faith and are fairly simple. We are, children of God, a little below God and above creation. We are here to love our Lord with all our heart and to love others. We are heading towards a life eternal. That is all. 

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