Friday, May 22, 2009

Running Plans

In proportion to the physical recovering occurring at present, my ambition for great running feats increases. Today, while thinking clearly (meaning not riding a coffee high and sitting quietly), I decided that a notable 24 hour run is my next objective. Doubtless, I am staying the course with this total body recovery, pretty much taking the next two months off. But in the fall I would like to push a pretty good effort over 24 hours (150-160 miles). The Le Grizz 50 is on my radar again and would serve as a great training run for the 24 hour to follow, perhaps 3-4 weeks later. As a training run for Le Grizz I am considering doing the Governor's Cup Marathon in Billings, mid-September. I will have to look into the dates, but I am fairly certain that the GCM is 3 weeks ahead of Le Grizz. So... Training... something like ridiculous mileage August through October is what I am looking at for 2009. My main performance objective, initially, will be setting a new PR for the 50. I would like to run sub-6:15 at Hungry Horse. Then, if everything is firing properly and my fire is still burning for the 24 hour adventure, I will shift into hyper-focus mode and take a three week preparation for an all out 24 hour effort. 

This is exciting. After the last 14 months of high mileage, I am excited to have a reasonable plan; a couple of months off to recover, followed by a couple of months of intense training and goal smashing. 

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