Thursday, May 7, 2009


Lately, this week really, a sense of longing has entered my thinking. I am definitely in need of a vacation. More and more I am feeling burnt out with my work at Centerville School. It is the sort of burned out feeling that arises not from lack of passion, but of all the passion whatsoever I possessed heretofore being now expended, followed by the realization that my work here is done. It is coming to a close. Too, my Himalayan mountaineering studies picked up again this week, and consequently the fiery, romantic, adventurous spirit within me was stoked once again and has grown in strength with each passing day. Also, I long for some real, tangible personal running and outdoor adventures. All of this things have conspired together to create an incredible sense of longing. All right, the computer lab is getting packed, I better cede my position at this computer to one of the elementary kids. Peace.

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Deane Christianson said...

Show the elementary kids who's boss... don't give them the computer (just kidding)!

Lucky for you you will have some time off here soon. And your Centerville job will change and be more engaging after school is out, won't it? Hang in there Brian... think about how God wants you to do there!