Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mid-week Training Update

Everything is firing properly. Laid-back week this week as I adjust to my new hybrid training regimen. This week marks the total shift of training philosophies - from ultra-high mileage running to cross-training and high mileage running. Less talk. Here is what it looks like:

SA: 21 miles (3 easy AM, 12 mile hike, 6 mile speed work out)
SU: 18 miles (6 easy AM, 12 easy trail w/some vertical PM)
M: 35 miles cardio push on the stationary bike+6 miles easy on the feet+weight lifting
T: 11.5 easy AM, 7.5-10.5 easy PM

That is it for now. The biking has been a welcome change in my training. I would say the ratio (in regards to effort) of biking miles:running miles is 3:1 - 3 miles hard biking = 1 mile easy running. The difference? My knees are saved.

Also, I have been seriously reevaluating my running technique. I am working on a more natural, soft, feel the ground sort of stride and gait. Essentially, trying to simulate barefoot running. No more pavement running for awhile either. I only powerwalk roads. Treadmill and trails are the only surfaces I plan on running for awhile as I refine my soft step technique. Happy trails.

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