Monday, August 17, 2009

Missoula or Seattle?

Incredible running weekend. 17 miles on Saturday, 19 on Sunday. Today is the first day since I have been back that it hasn't rained. The woods are fresh, green, full of life and moisture. My somewhat wet 13 miler in the Rattlesnake yesterday was glorious. The woods felt tropical and refreshing. Saturday, I had a really clean quick ascent/descent of Mt. Sentinel w/some flat-running Missoula proper running sprinkled in there. Lately, I have been letting it all go on the trails, just running by spirit, not by force driven by unbridled emotions. This weekend was clean in that way. Just good, clean and pure running.

The sky is blue today. I may head up the Rattlesnake again today after work for a rain-free, worry-free jaunt of Stuart Peak. Who knows.

A major change happened in my life yesterday that has left me feeling joyful. More on that to come. Upward steps are being taken towards a more positive life and self-image. It is all very empowering, hopefully I can maintain my composure through it all and let those blessings that grace my life be buoys of joy.

Hmmm, I guess that is all. I wish I were a better writer and had the energy and passion to write interesting, inspiring pieces. For now, we will go with the numbers... 40 biped miles since Saturday. Peace.

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