Friday, August 28, 2009

thursday update w/barefoot

SA: 21 miles (3 easy AM, 12 mile hike, 6 mile speed work out)
SU: 18 miles (6 easy AM, 12 easy trail w/some vertical PM)
M: 35 mile cardio push on stationary bike+6 miles easy on the feet+weight lifting
T: 21 (11.5 easy AM, 9.5 easy PM)
W: 15 (5.5 commute, 8 speed work+1.5 barefoot on grass/cement)
TH: 26 mile cardio push on stationary/3 easy AM+9 easy PM+1.5 barefoot pavement running

Primordial. In a word. That is the word to describe my initial experience with barefoot running. After many months (and years really) of recurring knee issues, I finally took the advice of my barefoot friends and tried a few miles out on grass/pavement this week. Bloody 'ell, it was brilliant.

Because the foot has so many nerve endings it senses/feels every bit of goodness it strikes, with that information, the feet signal the brain to make appropriate stride and striking adjustments to run naturally. The result? Significantly less impact on the knees and a smoother/more graceful stride to boot. Wonderful. Shoes are a barrier in this way, removing the necessary contact between nerves and ground and replacing the relationship with a synthetic, contrived, unnatural response system. In theory, this all makes sense, and now I am finding out, that, in practice, the art of barefoot running is revolutionary - which is ironic, as it is nothing new.

I don't have any intentions (at this point) of becoming a full-time barefooter, but I do see the value in it, not to mention the joy, in retraining the legs how to run more naturally. Save the knees, run barefoot. So, a supplement to weekly runs. That is all for now. Have great days.

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