Saturday, August 8, 2009

This week in running...

Firstly, I should note that my new running week is Saturday to Friday. This makes more sense to me - what, with a front-loaded long-running weekend, followed by a peak on Wednesday/Thursday, then a lower mileage (higher intensity) Friday. A great week this week. My fitness is getting there. My worry, something that occurred to me this week, is that my fitness might be too good at this early stage in training. So, next week, mostly by necessity, I will be cutting back a bit, keeping both the intensity and mileage low. Then, I will begin ramping it up at a tenable rate through September. 

This week in running:

Sat: 33 (31 race+2 easy)
Sun: 19 (15 steady+4 easy)
Mon: 13 (6 commute+7 easy)
Tues: 18 (6 commute+12 mountain push)
Wed: 15 (8 commute+7 steady, flat push)
Thurs: 22 (7 easy+15 speed ascent, flat running)
Fri: 15 (5 commute+10 flat, tempo*)

Week Mileage: 135 miles
Week Vert: about 14,000 feet

Everything - my legs and upper-body - is functioning well and firing properly. The variety of running that I am doing in Missoula doubtless plays a major role in that. Lots of varied-pace trail running, easy runs, etc.

Life is good. Social life is good. Work is pretty alright. Yeah. Peace.

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