Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week Recap (8/8-8/14): Intentional Suffering

This week my training focus was on suffering. I had the unexpected pleasure of traveling to Atlanta, GA for the week (a work-related training). Of course, training in GA during a pretty workshop-intensive VISTA training (which was solid - incredible people and helpful information) afforded a wonderful opportunity to get up really early to slip in some miles, experience perspiration at new and unprecedented levels, feel tired - slog through that -, and eat prodigous amounts of hotel food. 

111 miles this week. 

SA: 24
SU: 16
M: 17
T: 14
W: 14
TH: 16
F: 10

Thursday I went out into wild Georgia during the heat of the day on a 12 mile road/trail run. It was sick. I threw down on the trails - was tired, sweated much and enjoyed myself. Admittedly, I don't really enjoy suffering, but it is a part of my training that I am working at being more intentional about including from time to time; to help me know better what it means to push my personal limits and then appreciate what it is to feel great, happy and comfortable. It is pushing our level of comfort in anything that creates space to grow.

Nothing too exciting about my runs this week. Easy week. No speed work. A lot of 7-10 milers on a treadmill in a sauna (the work out room was pretty hot and extremely humid). I was left with soaked shoes and shorts after every treadmill run. I mean soaked; as if I had jumped into a body of water and just stepped out. That sort of soaked. It was unreal. I loved it.

Nice to be back in Missoula though. Dry, cool, mountainous and quiet. It feels like home. I am looking very forward to getting out on a long, easy trail run this afternoon. Yeehaw. Home again. 

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