Friday, August 7, 2009

Thursday Follies

Typically, I would save a "follies" blog for a Friday - a matter of semantics. But yesterday. Yesterday was a day of follies. And by follies I mean shenanigans. That helps little... shenanigans? read "epic running" and good times. So yesterday was an Epic Running and Good Times Thursday. Bullet points:

- Correction. Dashes.

- Morning run: out the door on a really slow and flat (and wet) 7-8 miler at 5:15AM. This run proved to be a great recovery run from the previous day's work out.

- Afternoon: went out for my big work out of the day. A steady lung-busting push up Sentinel's lesser travelled and longer north trail. My stomach was not in a good place going into the run, but after a couple of miles of running it out before hitting the ascent it had settled and was ready for the push I so needed. I put in the 3 miles and 2000 vertical in something less than 30 minutes (most likely, my internal clock has gotten pretty accurate with these predictions). I cruised up. There were portions where I was hitting 8:30-9:00 pace. I took a nice and easy descent to save my knees (as tempting as it was to make it a 45 minute round-trip). Ran back to school, then took the long way home on my feetsies.

- Great time at Downtown Tonight with Anna-Margaret, Jordan and Christine. We sat on the hill behind the food vendors and sipped and beers and chatted about this, that and the other.

Yesterday's Stats
- 22 miles
- 2600 vertical
- 2 great conversations
- 1 great beer
- 1 giant box of life cereal

Today will be a nice and easy 15-20 mile day (15 if the weather acts up, 20 if things clear up). Tomorrow will be a single run day - one big ol', mountainous long-run. Can't wait. Tonight? Free wine and hors d’oeurves, conversation and art viewing. Game on. Peace. Happy Friday to all. God bless.

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