Thursday, November 12, 2009

Consistency in training

This well-planned, cautious return to running after my broken foot has caused me to value consistency and structure in training. I have been sticking religiously to the every other day 4 mile run. Though on the off days I desire greatly (at first at least, not so much anymore, now appreciating the break) to run, I don't. Consequently, I am - wait for it - fluid and strong on my days on. This is a "no duh", of course. My body is able to rest, recover, etc., etc. This is the first time in my training life that I have lived out such a practice. That is, this is the first time I have ever factored rest into my weekly training. Now, I should say, that I am averaging 31 miles/day, everyday on the bike to supplement. Anyways, I am feeling great, truly great and really enjoying my runs on my days on.

Today, I accidentally went out at about 7-7:30 pace. I meant to take it slower, but didn't feel like I was pushing it at that pace. It felt like a casual stroll through the park, which it was. I can't wait to start running fast again. Next week, I will insert a 5 miler in there. It is good to be feeling good and balanced again. I am keeping my time to 14 hours a week of training - that is my cap. It is enough time to get some quality training in, but not so much as to detract from other equally important aspects of life.

Have good days.

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