Monday, November 16, 2009

A disjointed, yet satisfactory Monday

Today has unfolded exactly counter to how it was envisaged. Here is how:

1) I slept through my 5AM run... Strike one
2) Forgot my stocking cap, not realizing that fact until I was well away from the house and noticed that it would be a nice day for a stocking cap... ball, just a ball
3) In a moment of empowered redemption, I hopped off the bus at the rec center to 'take two' on my morning run. When I neared the entryway to the rec center it occurred to me that I didn't have the mandatory university identification card on me (it was in a different pair of pants back home - along with my stocking cap) to gain access to the treadmill... Strike two
4) Slightly disappointed by my second strike, I gathered myself and made a new plan. Mid-morning, after a couple of hours of work, I would run home and grab my Griz Card. This, of course, would kill two birds with one stone - it would make for a nice little 5 miler and would afford me the opportunity to retrieve my Griz Card for my afternoon workout... Home run

The run was great, really great. I retrieved my Griz Card as planned and got back to work, without incident. This Monday is back on track. I hope that your, the reader, Monday never hinted at derailment. (I apologize for the disjointed metaphors, but alas, the title of this post more or less required the inconsistency.)

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