Tuesday, November 24, 2009

This week in training...

A really solid week thus far. My progress, again, is slow, but steady. I feel like I have so much more in me and am holding back. Surely, soon enough, as early as the beginning of January, I will be wondering how I ever felt strong and reserved. For now, the build-up continues to that point. So far this week (in miles):

SA: 37/bike, core/lifting
SU: 32.5/bike, 6.5/run, core
M: 33.5/bike (progression), core
T: 31-33/bike, 7/run, core

My runs have been effortless. It is difficult to stop at my pre-determined stopping points, because I am usually feeling so great and wouldn't be opposed to running forever, but I know better. The moment I realize that I have pushed it too far with my healing foot will be the same moment that it is too late. Patience, patience, patience. Peace.

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