Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The first three days o' the week

The first three days of my training week have been rock solid. I am getting stronger by the day. My work outs have been challenging yet palatable (both in mind and body). I am very comfortable with where my training is at and where it is going. It is finally beginning to feel like I am on target for something great and within my physiological means. Training is all about building capacity, not destroying your body en route to race day, so you show up at the line wrecked. It is a fine line, to be sure - pushing fitness and staying healthy - but I feel like I am staying the course, on the healthy side of that divide. So far this week (in miles):

SA: 33/bike (intervals, hard effort for 50k), 4.5/run, core
SU: 36/bike, lifting/core
M: 5/run, 31/bike/core

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