Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The last three days

The last three days have seen some quality stationary bike training.

Saturday: 28 miler at a mid-range gear/high cadence (core/weight training)
Sunday: easy 33 miler (core/bands)
Monday: hard 28 miler high gear/high cadence (light core)

Training has been going really well. Though at this point, I am in much better shape to race on a bike than on my feet. That will all be changing soon. My plan as I get back to running - hopefully this week - is to of course introduce runs slowly, but to continue supplementing my training with stationary biking. I have come to see/experience the potential of low-impact/high intensity endurance rides. Lower mileage running? I do not think that my legs will object. More than the physiological benefits of supplementing my ultra training with low-impact work outs, the variety will be a counterweight to the psychological redundancy that running can become.

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