Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting back on track

So, by a rather abstract effort equation that I contrived, I am getting back on track with my training - and not a moment too soon. The equation is simple; 1 mile of running at an easy pace is equal to 2.5-3 miles of stationary biking (2.5 for a hard effort and 3 for an easy). The factor for the stationary bike is based on calories burned/time elapsed per mile/perceived effort. By this standard my last week of training was a 93.2 mile week (87.2 effort on the bike and 6.1 real miles running). This week I will be crossing the threshold of 100. I can't say miles, because it really isn't. The effort factor, I guess it could be called. Regardless, it is based on running miles, so could be read as running miles. Of course, the virtue of the bike is it's low impact nature. Those equivalent effort miles on the bike fall well short of the true impact miles of running. The balance of running and biking miles will be slowly be shifting in favor of the running miles as I regain strength/confidence in my foot until I begin running, in earnest, in December. The effort factor, however, will remain relatively unchanged. I am at a tenable level right now and plan to maintain this at around 100-120 miles/week. Anyways, here is what my week has looked like thus far (in actual miles):

SA: 31/bike, lifting/core
SU: 35/bike, 4/run, core
M: 30/bike (hard effort/high cadence), lifting/core
TU: 4/run/core, 31/bike

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