Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Character Building

I have been doing a lot of character building runs lately.

Yesterday, I did a 10 mile steady run at 5 in the morn... needless to say, it was cold, very cold. -20 or so air temp with a decent wind. I returned back to my place with my eyes nearly frozen shut. In the PM, I did a 7 mile hill work out with a -20 windchill. I flew on the very steep, returning downhill at about 5:30 pace or better. Goggles were necessary.

Today, it was a 10 or 11 miler out and back. The out consists of slight to moderate hills and of course the the back is a downhill cruiser. On the out today, there was a steady 15-20 mph headwind, putting the windchill at -20 or so. Goggles were essential. The uphill against the wind wasn't nearly as trying as it has been in the past, a testament to both my physical and mental shape. The downhill was awesome, very awesome. I lifted my goggles and dropped my face mask and rode the wind for the 5 miles back. Took it at 6-6:30 pace. It was really comfortable and cleaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

Getting out, in less than ideal weather conditions, has been very good for my mental game lately...reminding myself that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and commit. Also, I obviously haven't been able to run full-on work outs given the snow, ice, wind and cold, which has made for much more relaxed outings - just getting out there, enjoying the movement has been the story lately. Good stuff. Deeeeeeeep breath.

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