Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Running

17 miles today - 12 and 5 mile runs. I may have gotten frost-bitten on my 12 miler this  morning. Stupidity ruled the day and it shined in my run. I went out into a 5 degree day (-10 windchill) with nothing more than a running cap, tights and a light wind-breaker. Needless to say, I have never been more miserable on the run. The last 4 miles I began cussing and screaming in pain as my ears, cheeks, lips, fingers and legs entered the first stages of complete freeze. My ears are still in pain, my fingers are a bit numb still and my cheeks are not all there. Stupid. After weeks of sub-zero running and the occasional sub -30 windchill running I became desensitized to the cold. I learned my lesson today - I saw that it was above zero and thought, 'hey, warm, Fall gear time'. 

In the PM, I went on a redemption 5 miler. Pretty quick and fully clothed. -12 below windchill, but in my full-on winter running gear. No doubt, it was redemptive. I ran it fast and WARM. My ears are still struggling to feel, but my I am feeling good about a pretty strong 17 mile day. Good stuff. Best part of the day? Sitting here with my family, watching a cheesy, Hallmark, Christmas movie after a Christmas play at church. Love it. This is what Christmas is all about - being with family and celebrating the birth of Christ. Life is good. Peace and love.

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