Monday, December 15, 2008

Cold Weather Running

Saturday, I put in 11 miles in the morning and 7 in the PM. The air temp was in the negative teens and the windchill was -30 or so. Yesterday, I put in 15 miles with an air temp of -23 or so. No wind though, thank the Lord. This morning it was -31 or so and I put in a nice little 5 miler before school. My eyes nearly froze this morning. My goggles froze over and I was forced to lift them about 3 miles into my run. I had to blink and blink and blink to keep my eyes from completely freezing shut. This weekend was a good test of the mental capacities - the 11 miler on Saturday especially (it was a total blizzard and halfway through the run I found no relief from the blowing snow, cold and snow-covered sidewalks). Good stuff. What doesn't kill makes you stronger, right?

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