Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Heart to Heart

This blog, up to now, has been fairly rudimentary - covering the most basic numbers, thoughts and ideas associated with my running life. Unfortunately, I don't know how to pour out or truly express my emotions and deepest feelings. Just know that I am crying out right now for life, for change, for friends, for love, for God, for family, for companionship, for comfort and for peace.

Now for the numbers and the most elemental thoughts of which I have trouble expressing. Yesterday I put in two clean, steady runs - a 13 miler in the morning and 7 miler in the PM. This morning I had a really nice 11 mile tempo run, again, clean. This afternoon I will head out for another 7-8 mile easy run in the wind.

Yesterday, I crossed the 2000 mile mark, since I began keeping a log in Great Falls (August 24th, 2008).


Deane Christianson said...

Your blog is Life: Mind, Body, to not ignore the mind and soul would be misdirected! Your running blog is very interesting, but you are more than a runner! You are an amazing person with so much to give... and you are loved by co-workers, friends and family and of course The Almighty himself! Don't hold yourself in... let go and let God!

By the way... CONGRATS on the 2000 miles!

Deane Christianson said...

Telling Yourself the Truth....everyday!!!!!!!!! You might want to spend some time focusing on that book.....memorize it if you have to!!!!!!!!!
I love you, Brian.....can't wait to have you home....there is joy in everyday...either that comes to you through others...or joy you have the privelege to give to others!!!
Praying for you :)