Monday, December 22, 2008

Last Mileage Update for the Year...

106 miles last week in the sub-zero temps. Felt good about that. Last week marks the end of my mileage log for a bit.

Fall 2008 Running Stats

- 2195 miles
- Ave. 129 miles/week for 17 weeks
- Ave. 18 miles/day for 119 days
- 204 miles, biggest week (during a 40 hour work week)
- 50 miles, longest continuous run
- 55 miles, most miles in 24 hours (during an 8 hour work day)
- Coldest training run, -20 air temp, -35 windchill (13 miles)

I need to take a break from counting mileage, until next Spring's training cycle. Just running free and clear now - feeling really, strong and solid. This seems like a good time to focus on other things, all the while maintaining my shape and enjoying, truely enjoying my outings. I put in a 12 miler this afternoon in Albert Lea. It was cold, -9 or so and a bit windy, but it was a really rock solid run.

From now, until mid-February - when I begin my next training cycle-, I will throw periodic life and running tid-bits in occasional on this blog. So stay tuned. Thanks for hanging.

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