Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Life Affirming Snow Run

This morning I ran a really clean, smooth 13 miler on the fresh blanket of snow. It was a comfortable 17 degrees with no wind! Awesome stuff. The pavement was covered with a fresh 1-2 inches, which made for a smooth and springy run. It was awesome. Felt like I was running on carpet. I am enjoying this natural, seasonal transition of training. The snow/ice/elements make for lower mileage weeks and slower miles on the whole - I have no choice over that if I am continue to run outside. This is great because I am forced to slow-down, run less and in turn enjoy, truly enjoy the slower pace, smooth runs. This morning was one of those. I cruised this morning, but it felt right. My body felt so fluid and the stride was nearly effortless. It was a transcendental sort of run. Praise be to the Lord! I will go for a nice 7-8 mile snowy stroll this afternoon through the Coulees before running club. Today, the kids probably won't be running outside because of the cold and snow. We will be finishing up our profiled runners research and then present our famous runners to the entire club. Good stuff.

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