Friday, December 26, 2008

Solid Running Day...

Put in a really slow, but clean 12-13 miler this morning and a solid 7.1 mile treadmill work out this afternoon. Felt good to put in a really clean, comfortable, 20 mile day. Put in a 5:20 and a couple of 5:30 miles in on the mill - felt great. 6:00 miles are pleasurable at this point - very comfortable and easy. 

My fitness is good right now. I am not in 2:20 marathon shape quite yet, but I am definitely in a good place for a fast 50-100 miler. My shape is at a place where at any moment, give me 3 weeks and I would be ready for a fast race. That said, I am keeping running in its place and treating it the way I ought to in the off-season. NO EXPECTATIONS. Peace.

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