Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frosted Over

Put in a cool 10 miler this morning. It was warmer this morning, -14 or so. It felt colder. There was a bit of a wind. Probably on the order or -20 to -25 wind chill. I was bold and went goggleless this morning. The result? Frosted eyes, forehead and outer mouth. The problem is, the moisture and heat from my breath is directed upwards by my face mask and freezes instantly on my face. This actually provides a certain level of insulation, believe it or not - from the extreme cold, at least. The thermal concept behind it is similar to the insulation of snow cave - at least that is my theory. By the end of my run my eye-lashes were solid ice blocks and the exposed portions of my face, although few, were frosted solid. Regardless, it was a really quick and clean run (considering).

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