Friday, February 20, 2009

"50 Don't Back Down"

The title of this post is a line from one of my favorite 50 Cent songs that I know longer listen to, but repeatedly gets stuck in my head and has become a mantra during my hard runs.

I need to speak to yesterday's 12 miler... In a word, incredible.

What a clean, free and wonderful pace. I cruised in the last 6 miles of it and added a strong kick in the last mile. I was conscious of my stride the entire time and let it take me smoothly and cleanly. It was the kind of pace I would love (and think I could) to run a fairly flat 50 miler at. Just the sort of smoothness needed for 50 miles. Ah, it was great. The Lord was with me during the run, granting my consciousness, awareness and peace. Good stuff.

Jogged an easy 4 after work, then went home.

Easy and snowy 10 miler this morning before work. It was beautiful - huge, meaty snowflakes. Off to work. God bless.

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