Friday, February 13, 2009

Active Recovery

SU: 18
M: 18
T: 0
W: 3.5 (run/walk)
TH: 5
F: 11

One thing is for sure, my mind, body and soul need at least a couple of miles a day. This is especially critical as I recover from my current knee affliction, without completely losing my shape. This is true active recovery... a lot of rest, daily knee bracing, stretching and really slow, short runs (one a day at most). I took it really easy today on the 11 miler. A great benefit of the day was the new layer of snow - made for an extra spongy, padded surface on the already forgiving gravel of the country. My knee is getting better. The last couple of days of rest and recovery runs solidified my original thought that my current affliction is "runner's knee" and is the result of over-training. The cure? As said in a previous blog, significantly less and slower mileage.

This has been a great learning week for me. I am at peace with the world around me. Running has taken a back-seat for the meantime and there isn't much I can about it, aside from accepting that fact and embracing a whole wonderful gross of new facts - more time to read, increased energy at work, more time for other hobbies, socializing and activities. Doubtless, I am still in love with the movement, the sport, the mileage and the discipline of running - and am obviously still training -, but balance is being restored to my life. 

Mind, body, soul, the name of this blog, has taken on new meaning this week, and is moving towards the path of equal play-time by the three essences. Heretofore, the blog should have been entitled, "Life: Body, with a Hint of Mind and a Dash of Soul". Change-time. Game-time. Balance born out of necessity is coming. 

Sometimes it takes a punch in the gut by a best friend to know that domestic violence is real (reminding us that we are not exempt from man's awful capacity for a physical lashing). In the same way, sometimes it takes an inescapable truth, in my present case, a bum knee, for us to realize that we have no choice but to embrace and re-engage with the ideals we so avidly proclaim. Alright, so the analogy is weak. Actually, it is not an analogy at all, the two statements have no similarities - metaphorical or otherwise. Truthfully, I thought I had a nice and slightly funny analogy to share. Crap. A wasted line. Oh well. I should be off. God bless. May all ya' all find balance in your life, putting everything in its place.


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