Friday, February 6, 2009

Friday Shenanigans

This morning:

10-11 mile solid-state, super steady, super cleansy.

I clipped this morning. After 5 minutes of scooting along I was hitting a beautiful, quick and clean stride this morning. My cadence and pace felt very comfortable for the entire run. I didn't push the pace (the previous two days were work out days), but I can't honestly say I took it easy either. It felt right - 6:30 or faster pace.

A Poem

It was fun, this morning's run.
Fun was the run, before the sun.

Dark and quiet, the city sits idle.
Hours before its people rise vital,

to go to work, toil and struggle,
and fight against lethargies bungle.

Doubtless, this peace, this movement, this feeling, this glorious, glorious, cadence i'm reeling,
is personal, real, spiritual and true - I pray to God that these people find you.

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