Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Not-so-long Run

Put in a 2.5 mile run/walk this morning. My knee is feeling a bit more loose and my mobility is improving. One thing has become abundantly clear to me over the last 24 hours; proper recovery a la significantly lower mileage and less intensity is going to be the name of the game for the rest of the month. It is high time I am true to myself and honest with my body, no worries, no regrets... just a change. I want to feel good both while I am running and while I am resting and that can only happen through honest running. That is the only way I can say it; honest runnning.

You ultra-runners out there know what I am talking about... without question, pain is a part of training and assuredly a part of racing, but as we learn more about our physical limits (and possibilities) we learn to listen to our aches, pains, twangs and "oh craps!" in a different way. There is a point where pains must be dealt with - they move in our mind (and in reality) from growing pains to imminent injuries. Unfortunately, the line between training pains and injuries can be ambiguous and often an area of grey fills the expanse between the two categories. What's more, we strong-willed, never-say-never, no-pain, no gain, OCD runners (ascetics?) are often able to wish away our pains, mentally disguising them or dismissing the often torturous feelings altogether.

The only cure? or remedy? Perhaps change? is experience. Experience, if disseminated with great discernment and care will inform us of what really is too much (injurous) and what is simply a fact of training at high volume/intensity mileage (growing pains). That is where I am. Experience has taught me what aches and pains I ought to take more seriously than others and experience has taught me how to take care of those problems as to expedite the recovery process. Call it maturation, call it growth. Whatever you call it, it is real to me and I am at peace with this lesson. My body wants rest? I will give it rest and be peaceful in that rest. The Lord is in it. Peace.

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