Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Update...

Wow, it is amazing how quickly your physical shape can come around. Two week ago I struggled to walk around my apartment, wincing in pain with each step. Last week was a high mileage week, but still a bit painful. This week... on the up and up. I am hopeful, positive and conscious of what I am capable of and when I need to back off slightly. So far this week... (*) denotes key work out.

SU: 20 (13+7, easy)
M: 13 (5+8, easy)
T: 20 (13 steady*+7 easy)
W: 19 (11 easy+8 tempo*)
TH 19 (10 easy+9 moderato)

I have been loosy goosy the last couple of days. Feeling great. Thanks be to the Lord for the present. Peace.

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